• 1 hour lesson
  • 10 hours lesson
  • 15 hours lesson

*GST applicable on top of all prices

Road Test package
  • 2 hour practice plus road test car use

*GST applicable on top of all prices

Customized driving lessons
We can cater you customized driving lessons as per your requirement. Contact us for details

What we teach?
  • Basic adjustment (ex: mirrors, rear view mirror, seat and blind spot check).
  • Cockpit drill
  • Space cushion driving
  • Shoulder check, 360 Deg. check.
  • Hazard perception , practice defensive driving
  • Scanning & wanter waits
  • Straight driving, speed control
  • Right turn, left turn, driving through intersection and safe lane change
  • School, Playground, Construction Zones
  • Multiple lane intersection.
  • 2 & 3 point turn
  • Uphill and downhill parking with or without curb
  • Parallel parking & reverse stall parking
  • Backing in line
  • Entering and exiting on the highway and much more....
  • Each hour/lesson includes 5-10 minutes progress review


About Us

Nithin Raju Thomas (Owner/Operator)

With a Bachelors in Engineering, and passionate in cars and driving, Nithin enjoys teaching and takes pride in imparting his knowledge in safe and skilful driving. Being the owner operator of DriveOn Driving Academy, his vision is to help drivers of all ages to gain the techniques in driving , making it enjoyable and at the same time keeping it safe on the road.

DriveOn Driving Academy
is an ICBC Approved driving education provider.

We offer one of the most comprehensive instructional programs, specialize in teaching collision-free, defensive driving techniques which gives students the fundamentals they need to become successful drivers and maintain a clean driving record.

We have a qualified, patient and enthusiastic instructor who just love to teach. We are committed to providing the best driver training and take pride in ensuring that you are equipped with the tools necessary to stay safe on the road.

We provide instruction around our student’s busy schedule and always make sure that we are available when you need us.

We sharpen your driving.

We help to build confidence in you.

High quality teaching at a fair and competitive price.

Free Pick up and drop off

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